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Pexagon Technology Offers Contemporary Fundraising Program Via USB

Pexagon Technology has a fresh, contemporary way for schools to raise money for their academic and extracurricular activities via USB.  The idea is simple, offer a 1GB gift card to schools, kids and parents where by the purchase results in a customized 1GB drive with their school mascot or logo.

usb fundraising pexagon

The USB fundraising plan is simple; the schools contract an agreed bulk price with Pexagon along with customized logo design, the school then set their own gift card price which best suites their community.  The delta between the cost and fundraiser purchase price goes right to the school club or program. With memory prices constantly decreasing, this is an excellent way to get valuable technology into the students hands while providing contributions to their schools fundraising activities.  If parents had to choose when buying flash memory, I’m sure they’d opt for USB fundraising option. To learn more about USB fundraising with Pexagon you may contact Shane Schmidt for more details.  Here is the contact page:  USB Fundraising with Pexagon Technology. Continue Reading

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