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The New Yorker Hard Drive From Pexagon

I’m on the left coast, so not exactly sure on why Pexagon had the motivation to create a New Yorker USB Hard Drive [customer request], but none-the-less, it’s here and available. The Pexagon New Yorker hard drive has over 4,000 issues of the East Coast’s favorite magazine.  The Complete New Yorker gives you instant access to every poem, short story, cartoon and ad since the magazine’s inception back in 1925.

pexagon new yorker

Pexagon is known for their engraving to USB storage devices and The Complete New Yorker is no exception.  The hard drive measures 3 x 5 inches and has a brushed aluminum front with beautifully etched New Yorker logo and icon.  The magazine archive takes up a small percentage of the 80GB hard drive so the $65 price tag gets you not only storage but a great opportunity to educate yourself and become well read if you’ve been living under a rock for the past 80 years. I would imagine someone interested in this would need to be a die hard fan of the magazine, so now the question is: Are you? Continue Reading

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