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USB Recycler Service

In today’s digital age, it’s very common, in fact – expected – that everyone own a USB flash drive.  Flash drives are the easiest and most convenient way to store data, transfer files and keep that ever changing data near you.  If you are like me, you have a favorite flash drive.  It’s not necessarily because of the way it looks, but rather – over time – all of your important information has accumulated to one stick.  You get to a point where saving data can only be done on that one, favorite USB drive. This is where comes in, if you have extra sticks lying around, which aren’t gett’in the love – donate them.  Recycle USB is a USB recycler service that partnered with Sugar Labs to turn unwanted flash drives into portable learning computers for kids. What do I mean by portable learning computers? Well Sugar Labs created a Linux distro [based off Fedora] which boots directly from a flash drive.  The distro is a customized learning platform for kids to learn, interactively, on a computer.  The great part about Sugar Lab’s approach is that it doesn’t leave a footprint on the host PC.

recycle USB flash drive

The USB Recycler service will take your drive, load it with the latest version of Sugar on a Stick and send it to Sugar Labs for global deployment. Sure you can do this yourself or just drop the USB stick in the mail and not worry about it.  If you’re looking for the weekend project here is the link to Sugar Labs. Recycle USB mentions that if you are really in the mood for donating, you can get a tax credit for larger donations [say your company had a couple hundred extra flash drives from a trade show which are no longer being used]. Continue Reading

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