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Flexible USBee Drive Could Be Next Prototype to Hit the Streets

It’s probably fair to say most of use have damaged a USB drive while stuck inside a computer by bumping it, jamming it or stuffing it in via the wrong direction.  To reduce the possibility of damage and increase the life of your USB stick, designer Damjan Stankovic has come up with a flexible USB device.


The “USBee” is a new prototype design which includes a flexible neck just after the USB connector but still keeps the flash memory usable for data storage.  The USBee is shaped like a Bee and has thin wire between the USB connector and flash memory to provide flex under stress. It does look like a manufacturing nightmare, but hey, if we can build automobiles with robots, I’m sure we can string out some wire between point A and point B to make a flex drive. In addition, the tip has a rubber flap-back lid for quick access to the USB connector and quick protection for the USB connector.  Stankovic calls it the “lid-snap system.”  The USBee can also twist, turn and flex in any direction to save itself from your daily abuse. Continue Reading

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