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Video: USB Inkjet Printer for USB Swivel Drives by Nexcopy

USB Flash Drive Printer

UPDATE: The Nexcopy USB Flash Drive Printer has been updated to a 40 up print unit. Nexcopy reached out and informed our team the USB7P printer has been replaced with the LOGO-EZ PRINTER. The new design includes a 100% customized print tray to secure hold the USB flash drives in place during print. Price starts around $3,500


The following information is related to a depreciated version of the USB Flash Drive Printer from Nexcopy. For current information please visit their product page (link at bottom of article)

Nexcopy introduces the USB Clip Printer – a full color, inkjet printer that brings vibrant custom logos and graphics to any standard USB swivel drive and its all available from your desktop.

The USB7P was engineered to address full color printing to USB flash drives at an affordable price. The idea is simple. Using the body of the standards swivel drive you swap the metal clip from your supplier for the inkjet printable clip from Nexcopy. Now, with an inkjet printable clip you can print full color images, on both sides of the clip, from any jpeg image. The results are fantastic. The print is durable and the print is highly

water resistant. Nexcopy has really pieced together a great solution whereby the user can buy memory from their favorite supplier while still having in-house, full color printing.

The USB7P is a full color inkjet printer based on HP technology. With HP™s proven technology the USB7P can print over 11 million colors with very accurate PMS color matching. The USB7P can print seven USB clips of the same image or seven unique images. Full color printing is done in about 35 seconds. Black logo printing is less than 20 seconds. With the intuitive and user friendly PC based software you will be printing crisp, high quality images in no time.

The process is simple. It begins with installing the USB7P software, drivers and preparing the printer to accept a project by making sure it’s properly connected and aligned for the 7 slot clip printer tray.

Using either bitmap or jpeg images you can quickly and easily import and align your images to the seven inkjet printable clips.

The USB7P uses an on-board camera to easily size and align your image to the size and position of the clips. This exclusive camera feature makes the pre-print process a breeze.

Again, it takes less than 35 seconds to print a complete set of 7 clips. As they emerge from the printer, the clips are instantly dry and highly water-resistant, making it a perfect solution for quick-turn USB branding jobs.

Since the clips can be printed on both sides, flip the clips around in the clip printer tray and return to the software for easily printing on the reverse side. No drying time is necessary.

Source: Nexcopy Inc., Newsroom

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