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Review: hField USB WiFi Extender – Conclusion: HOT

hField Wi-Fire Review hField sent their latest WiFi signal boost device the USB Wi-Fire for product review. Below are the details from our Wi-Fire review. Wireless Local Area Networks are by far the least expensive and most convenient way to stay connected. However, using WiFi technology means we live with limitations. The biggest limitation, and most obvious from the term “wireless local area network” is the distance between access point and receiver. To that end, hField develops WiFi extenders to boost signal strength, increase connection speed and improve reception. The hField Wi-Fire is a directional antenna with a highly sensitive receiver designed to increase signal strength and connection speed. hField includes their proprietary software which also aids in the optimization effort. It’s important to understand the Wi-Fire is not a wireless router, but rather an add-on device to boost signal strength on a laptop or workstation which is receiving a wireless router signal.
hfield wi-fire review
The Review: Continue Reading

Hi-Tech Thanksgiving Turkey Help

Have a habit of getting yourself in to a jam when cooking Thanksgiving dinner (USA)? When things go wrong in the kitchen, sometimes you probably feel like running down to the closest restaurant and asking for some professional advice. Actually physically busting into a restaurant kitchen may be a little extreme, but thanks to a few websites like and, experienced chefs are connecting with home cooks via email and instant-messaging. This hi-tech cooking assistance fills a growing need that has boomed recently due to the popularity of hobby cooking. Food TV shows, podcasts like Stump The Chef, and web sites are inspiring more and more people to try their hand in the kitchen. The only problem is… the average person doesn’t really know how to cook anymore. So the next time you are wondering how to cook a frozen turkey in one afternoon or why your flourless cake never cooked all the way through, professional help might be just one IM or email away. But before you start chatting with chefs online, you might want to brush up on your chatroom and IM lingo. Think I’m overreacting? Well, ROTFL TAFN NRN L8R! AAB! Continue Reading

USB Putting Green and Ball Returner

There is no better way to show your boss how little you think of him and the paycheck he signs – than tee’in up a game of golf at your desk. And we’re not talking about Tiger Woods either, we’re talking USB miniature golf.
usb putting green
The USB putting green is a desktop gem with miniature balls, two putters and a putt returning 19th hole. (booze not included) Powered by USB port the mini golf green will start returning balls upon connection. We thought the USB Whack It game and USB missile launcher was a little overboard for USB geekiness, but the USB putting green reigns as most useless gadget as of today. Product page. Continue Reading

New Site: is RSS Filter or Feed Filter

Okay, so this post is off topic of USB gadgets, but worth a mention in my book. I have just published another website which is a simple RSS filter or feed filter. True, there are other services out there, but I never liked the login and password concept for free services. The new RSS filter from FilterMyRSS is simple just get in there, filter and go.
rss filter
There are some nice features as well. For example you can view a feed before the RSS filter and after the RSS filter. I believe this is valuable because it insures you the process is working. I’ve noticed other RSS filter services republish the feed with a unique ID number so you never know exactly what’s going on.The feed filter also allows you to filter only on specific areas of feed content. There are three areas to filter: Title, Description and Category. FilterMyRSS is clean and simple – give it a visit – give it a try. Continue Reading

Fire Off a Round with USB Gun Mouse

It’s rare a USB information website has the opportunity to write about guns, not that it’s a fascination or hobby to obsess over – none the less – Loopy Gadgets found this USB gun and I thought to pass it along. The USB gun is a replica of a P230 semi-automatic handgun…
Small dimensions, it is often carried as a backup weapon, holding 8 rounds of .32 pistol cartridge or 7 rounds of .380 pistol cartridge (bullet). Wiki
…and the company marketing the product claims it’s the ultimate gadget for having fun around the office. Um, I don’t think using a replica semi-automatic USB mouse gun would necessarily make office life fun. Unless of course you work at Homeland Security.
usb gun
The USB mouse gun uses the trigger as your left click and a button just below the trigger as your right. The technology is Continue Reading

UFD’s Are a Gateway to Data Breaches

usb security issuesRecently the head of marketing for SanDisk, Dror Todress, made a claim where “there are endless examples of data breaches…” then immediately sites an example of a stolen US Army UFD (USB Flash Drive) being purchased from a reporter just 200 yards from an army base in Afghanistan. Todress goes on to explain most IT managers understand and are aware of such security risks and most employees who bring in USB drives or MP3 players with mass storage capability do not have malicious intentions. However, this doesn’t mean valuable information IS leaving the building. Considering between 80% – 90% of UFDs do not have encryption software, I thought to browse back through my USB Security category and list out a couple articles which could be of help. USB lock – a physical blocking of USB port Free open-source USB encryption software – TrueCrypt Visual password protector Disable writing to USB drives on Windows systems IT management software to control USB endpoints SanDisk’s answer Windows Vista locks out USB (actually I don’t think it ever worked) Wireless PC lock from USB dongle Another PC port blocking software package There are a host of other USB devices with security features in my USB security category, but those are device specific not network specific. Continue Reading

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