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USB Dongle Smashes Great Wall Of China Internet Control

The internet is something we all take for granted.  We surf, play and view at our leisure, but for some, this freedom we have is a far cry from their everyday life.  Who am I talking about?  China.  It’s been know since the birth of the internet that China has ultimate control on what you see and hear from the internet.

freedom stick

Typically this wouldn’t bother most, but considering the 2008 Olympics are launching today, there are many foreign visitors who can’t use the internet the way they typically do.  This is where the “Freedom Stick” comes into play.  The USB dongle Freedom Stick, is a pre-loaded USB drive with all the software, utilities and hacks to get around the Great Wall Firewall of China.
USB dongle is pre-loaded with software which will secure the communications of any computer it is slotted into. Made available by Germany’s Chaos Computer Club, the stick uses the TOR (The Onion Router) network to cloak your connections, routing traffic around the world through anonymous computers, thus avoiding detection.
The USB dongle is available for $30 and is clearly a must-have travel item for this years 2008 Olympics. Continue Reading

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