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eBoostr is Readyboost for Windows XP

Vista Readyboost® has seen plenty of press over the last 18 months and although some feel it’s not all that beneficial for those who are drinking the cool aid, you can now get Readyboost for your Windows XP machine. eBoostr works just like Vista Readyboost® where you can use additional memory, such as flash memory, to increase a computers performance.  With the newly developed eBoostrâ„¢, the booting of your OS and applications is much faster thanks to the smart caching mechanism.

eboostr readyboost windows xp

For those who use a laptop as their primary computer, the eBoostr software could really increase performance since laptop hard drives are much slower than mini-tower PCs (to increase battery life) and thus take longer to launch applications and boot up the system. With eBoostr you have all the benefits of Vista Readyboost with the ability to use both USB and non-USB flash memory.  The eBoostr software allows you to assign up to 4 individual devices to enhance performance and each device can cache up to 4GBs worth of application data – or 16GBs total. You can try eBoostr for free with no expiration, but the software only works for 4 hours after boot-up.  To purchase the full version would be $29. Continue Reading

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