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DIY: Customized Neon Sign Kit

I believe we have all thought of…or wanted a…customized neon sign over the years.  Whether it be making your kegg’r party that much better, or let the world know you are open for business, a customized neon sign would have fit the bill.  Well, wait no longer.

customized neon sign

ThinkGeek is offering up a customized neon sign kit and it will not only fit the bill, but make a damn big one.  The customized neon sign is $30 to start, then add $7 for each letter, or $5 for each number. The snap-together letters are 2″ x 3″ which connect to a single power source.  There is low heat and power consumption so it’s ultra safe for the front office or the kids bedroom.
  • Sealed blue neon letter blocks
  • Low heat generation
  • Choose from letters, numbers, and special characters
  • Push button control for blinking or steady-on
  • Up to 22 neon letters can be connected to a single Power Supply unit
Even though the customized neon sign for “free beer” would run you $86, it pails in comparison to buying a REAL customized neon sign.  Let your communication juices begin the free flowing.
Available from ThinkGeek starting at $29.99.
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