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Mobile Phone Projectors by Texas Instruments

On many occasions I’ve wanted a projector for my cell phone.  My most common need is for sharing photos stored on my phone to my folks, who’s sight isn’t that great.  Texas Instruments is putting on a full court press to get projectors bundled in with cell phones by year’s end.  Putting aside my trivial needs for a phone projector you take this product into the business world and all sorts of applications pop up.

cell phone projector

It will be interesting to see how small these units are, what kind of power they will draw from either you cell phone or power plug and what kind of clarity will be displayed.  TI did mention DLP technology for some models which would resolve any concerns for clarity and quality.  TI also mentioned by year 2010 the cell phone projector business could be as popular as camera phones. Source [including image] GearFuse. Continue Reading

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