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WordPress On USB

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Back in July 2007 I made a USB tutorial post about putting WordPress on a stick.  Shortly there after, several visitors emailed me indicating I had too much time on my hands and it really wasn’t worth the effort.  But how do I disagree!

Even in the past year, WordPress has gain momentum in the blogisphere and becoming the #1 blogging platform.  Even Alexa, a fairly decent gauge on web traffic ranks WP as #26 in most popular sites.

Given this information, I’ve seen more and more website – not blogs – use the WP platform to create their static website and webpages.  So for those SEO and web designers out there, putting WordPress on a stick allows them to demo the site to clients, run SQL runtimes for testing and troubleshooting and isolating their web environment during development.

A good example is my RSS Filter website: FilterMyRSS.  Take a look at the source code, you’ll see the script which runs the utility along with supporting pages and blog entries…all based off WordPress.

I do agree the masses wouldn’t care about putting WordPress on a stick, but if the web is your bread-n-butter it would probably be smarter for you to know how – than to not.

Install WordPress on a stick tutorial.

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