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USB to MIDI Cable From Alesis

The Universal Serial Bus name has expanded it’s connectivity reputation once again with the Alesis USB to MIDI audio cable.  The latest in Alesis’ AudioLink series solves the problem for musicians and their connectivity issues.

Alesis USB to MIDI cable

The MIDI-to-USB cable has traditional male and female MIDI (DIN) connectors on one end and a USB connector on the other. Musicians can use the USB-MIDI Cable to control virtually any MIDI-compliant software using any hardware device with a MIDI output jack, such as a keyboard, drum pad or MPC The USB-MIDI Cable is class compliant for plug-and-play USB connectivity on Continue Reading

Not A Hack: ProTracker Turns Your iPod Into Pro Audio Recorder

Alesis ProTrack is a buddy device for the iPod turning it into a Pro Audio digital recorder.  Not that many of use would need up to 160GBs of high quality audio recording, but it’s out there if you need it.  The Alesis ProTrack includes 2 combo XLR input jacks for in line mic recording [or other line recording] that will digitally record those spoken word masterpieces at 16-bit, 22kHz or 44.1kHz stereo. The ProTrack offers up 1/8 output stereo connection along with limiter and volume control.

alesis protracker

Designed for any on-spot location the ProTrack will run solid for five hours with just four trip-A batteries.  The little guy is also threaded for tripod mounting to set it & forget it.
ProTrack is ideal for capturing sound effects, recitals, jam sessions, speeches, interviews, rehearsals, performances, meetings, lectures, notes-to-self, or any other audio material directly to iPod. It will be available from pro audio dealers Q3-2008.
The ProTrack is due out in 30-45 days (although Alesis is notories for pushing back release dates) with an undisclosed price tag [damn]. Source:  Engadget via Brad Linder’s Blog. Continue Reading

Become A Star – Alesis USB Podcasting Kit

..or at least a professional sounding podcaster.  I’ve considering doing the podcasting, but I want to build up my reader subscription a bit more.  The Alesis USB podcasting kit doesn’t care who you are, it’ll work on Mac or PC computers.  The kit is designed for the novice user with features an advanced technical geek would enjoy.

alesis usb podcasting mic

Stream from 16 bit, 44.1-48kHz directly from your computer and use the high-quality headphones for monitoring your session.  The USB podcasting microphone makes it a snap to get connected and get going. One of the best applications for this type of product, other than being self-absorbed and loving the sound of your voice on the net, would be setting up a portable studio for trade-show interviews with customers, clients and critics.  With the ease of setup from the Alesis system, your booth could have a podcasting station for in depth interviews, tutorials on products or guest speakers you could immediately deliver to the world via podcasting and the internet.  After all, the classic 10×20 booth with some posters and fliers is so old-school. The Alesis USB podcasting kit is priced at just $99 bucks.  A drop in the bucket for anyone reading this post. Continue Reading

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