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64GB Will Become Common Place for USB 2.0

Samsung logo We have already seen USB sticks getting to the 64GB capacity, but it doesn’t go without some serious trouble or expense in making them.  Currently all 64GB sticks are made up of four 16GB NAND chips.  The drives are huge and far more expensive than a 1TB USB hard drive.  But this will all change… Samsung announced that it has begun mass production the industry’s first 3-bit-per-cell, 64 Gb (8 GB) MLC NAND flash chip using 20-nm-class processing.  In addition to the larger capacity, Samsung’s new NAND flash  will use Toggle DDR (Double Data Rate) 1.0 specifications, offering a 60-percent higher productivity level than the previous 30-nm-class, 32 Gb 3-bit NAND using SDR (Single Data Rate). Samsung’s chips are expected to arrive in USB flash drives, Secur Digital cards, smartphones and SSDs while replacing the current 4 GB (32 Gb) devices on the market. Samsung did not comment on time-frame; however the new devices may begin to appear in the market and offer 8 GB minimum and 64 GB maximum. Continue Reading

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