Spiderman Web Design MP3 Case for Sony Video Walkman

Excited to see the new Spiderman 3 movie? Well nothing would show off your enthusiasm better then a Spiderman themed MP3 Case.
spiderman web mp3 case
For the new release, Sony Pictures teamed with Proporta, a leading MP3 case design firm and manufacturer to develop a spider web like silicone case fit for the latest Sony MP3 player, the NW-A800.
spiderman case
Katrina from Proporta said, “The soundtrack to Spiderman 3 is packed with class acts such as The Killers, Snowpatrol and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs which can all be downloaded onto your new Sony NW-A800 – the latest offering from Sony’s MP3 player range.”
The Spiderman web silicone case along with a Sony Video Walkman are free at the movie premier (to select few), or if busy this weekend just grab the case directly from Proporta (to be released this weekend with movie premier).
spiderman mp3 case
spiderman 3 mp3 silicone case
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