Skype Embedded Phone so No PC Required

TOPCOM WebTalker 5000 is a standalone, PC-less VoIP telephone. What makes this possible is Skype embedded software technology. If I could test this out I would call Microsoft – let them know that still after 1 million IE7 downloads, Firefox is coming on stronger then ever. The momentum continues with Firefox as the downloads are users converting to the web browser rather then upgrades from IE6 to IE7.
webtalker 5000 topcom
During the Skype call I could use the OLED screen of the WebTalker 5000 to enhance the experience and ad my new Microsoft contact to my Skype address list. It appears to be an easy install – like a regular analog telephone, all you need is a broadband connection and router. In addition, the cable connected hand-set can also be re-connected to any Wi-Fi network thanks to the TOPCOM Wireless Expansion Kit (available Q2 ’07). It would be nice to see this model with a cordless handset. Source: TOPCOM, Slashdot, Try Firefox

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