Sharing USB hub increases interoperability

SMSC has a multiswitch USB hub which shares devices between different platforms. The SMSC 4-port USB MultiSwitch acts as two independently controllable USB2.0 hubs in a single package with the ability to electronically reassign and reconfigure any of its four downstream ports to either of its two upstream USB ports. This allows two USB hosts to share peripherals and to dynamically reconfigure them. Users can switch a peripheral from one host to the other on-the-fly and the peripheral will automatically detach from one host and attach to the other. Here are a couple of examples which more clearly explain: – A laptop can share devices with a PC system – Gaming input devices like joysticks or gaming keyboards can now be shared between a MAC and PC – A set-top box and digital television can share devices within an entertainment center. Here is an example we could see: the user brings a laptop home and connects to a wired or wireless hub enabled by the USB MultiSwitch. The user can then selectively share the printer, an MP3 device and scanner, or any USB peripheral device connected to the hub between a laptop and desktop system without the need for software, configuring or rebooting, this is the power of the SMSC USB MultiSwitch.

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