SD Duplicator Copies 20 At a Time For The UberGeek

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Update: Since the original post, Nexcopy has redisgned their SD duplicator box, the image from the original post has been updated to what is now published. Jan 2024

Nexcopy recently unveiled its industry leading edge in the market with the all new SD200PC Secure Digital card copier; a 20-target SD Duplicator designed for the tech-savvy enthusiasts and businesses immersed in Secure Digital media. While the idea of duplicating 20 copies of a personal SD card may initially raise eyebrows, it becomes apparent that Nexcopy is catering to a niche market, specifically targeting companies engaged in distributing software applications on SD cards for field devices or managing numerous miniSD cards for a fleet of Palm Pilots.

The SD200PC is compatible with microSD cards, opening up possibilities for phone companies to efficiently load promotional materials onto phones for their customers. Considering the increasing power of smartphones and PDAs, coupled with the expanding capacity of media, many individuals now store a significant portion of their data on microSD cards.

With ease-of-use in mind, the SD200PC connects via USB and features 20 numbered SD ports, simplifying the identification of each card. The accompanying software supports FAT, FAT32, exFAT, NTFS and any proprietary formats an OEM or manufacture has dreamed up. This is possible because of the bit-by-bit copy code design to make a perfect digital copy of the master. This function is compatible with Linux distribution packages but also caters to the intricate requirements of embedded applications that tech enthusiasts often envision. All SD formats are supported, and for those less tech-savvy users, Nexcopy provides a user-friendly job wizard within their software to guide through the SD duplication process seamlessly.

Priced at $1,299, the SD Duplicator is poised to deliver exceptional value, considering its advanced features and immediate availability for delivery. While this investment may seem steep for casual users, it positions itself as a crucial tool for businesses and tech enthusiasts with specific requirements for bulk SD card duplication.

The Nexcopy’s SD200PC is a sophisticated solution for businesses engaged in SD card distribution and tech enthusiasts seeking efficient duplication capabilities. With its broad compatibility, user-friendly features, and competitive pricing, the SD Duplicator offers a compelling option for those looking to manage large quantities of SD and microSD cards effectively. Source: PRWeb.

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