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Review: iGroove HG iPod Speaker System from Klipsch

It would be nice to have $250,000 and about 5 years to review every iPod speaker system available in the market. Since that’s not going to happen we did have the chance to review one of the top models, the Klipsch iGroove HG.

review igroove hg

The original model was released in late 2004 with an updated version, the iGroove HG (black) released in 2006. The look, feel and design of the HG model is fantastic. It’s black lacquer shinny look, solid weight and well built speaker system make it a top choice for anyone in the market looking for an iPod speaker system.

Most iPod speaker systems are more into jumping onto the band-wagon of “iPod” than producing a quality product. The iGroove HG does not fall into this category. First off, the iGroove HG comes with a real two-way speaker system. Klipsch installed two 2.5 inch woofers for excellent bass and one set of 1 inch MicroTractrix horn-loaded tweeters to fill out the high end. This in itself is worth major consideration as most other speaker systems use a combo speaker design that produce tweensy results.

igroove speaker

We found the audio quality to be exceptional. Given the small, compact size of the iGroove we where surprised to hear the full, broad range of sounds it produced. Clean highs and deep lows the iGroove HG was impressive. With the unique design of a half moon design and two-way speakers with horn-loaded tweeters sounds fill every corner of a room. Bass is very well defined in the iGroove and if you enjoy the higher tones the iGroove might not be the product for you.

The all in one speaker system delivers exactly what you’d expect. Simple connection, unique shape and sexy enough to fit with any decor. The controls are power on/off, play/pause, volume up/down and track forward/rewind. There is no mute button which would be nice and Klipsch did a nice job of including a rear handle to make toting around the 4.6 lbs unit a little easier.

igroove review hg back

The iGroove supports full-size iPods, while adapters are included for the iPod mini and iPod Nano. Unfortunately, the iPod Nano adapter supports only the first-generation iPod Nano. A mini-jack auxiliary input is provided and Klipsch includes a J shaped adapter that slides into the iPod dock and provides connection to your older iPod, iPod Shuffle, PlayStation Portable, or other MP3 player devices.


The iGroove is exceptional in quality, sound and value. I little heavy on bass this well designed unit fills the room with superior sound and looks good with any decor. This iGroove HG iPod speaker system makes our A list. Klipsch also manufacturers a higher end unit which is not portable, the Klipsch iFi.

If you’ve enjoyed this review and considering a purchase, please view the iGroove HG currently available at

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