PS Jailbreak Sales Solution Held Up In Red Tape

PS3 jailbreakingOver the past several weeks we’ve read reports about the PS3 Jail breaking solution via USB whereby the jailbreak tricks the console into thinking it’s in debug mode and thus gives you access to the device like never before. The PS3 jailbreak would allow the use of illegal games as well as homebrew games to be played on the console.  In addition, the hack also blocked mandatory updates from Sony which could overwrite the hack and secure the device once again. Jail breaking like this is nothing new, in fact we’ve heard about it with the iPhone for [literally] years.  However, with the PS3 it was a bit different.  It was different because the PS3 has been a platform which has remained unbroken or un-hacked [if that’s a word] for nearly a decade.  That is a feat no other gaming company has ever achieved. Well, Sony is reaching their legal arm out to slap everyone around.  We just heard that Sony has filed an injunction in Australia’s Federal Court against sales of the device. In short, the injunction instructs all dealers and distributors to turn over their PS3 inventory for Sony to evaluate if the devices are jail broken.  Then, Sony will have the right to break the device or return it if no harm.  The injunction is going to last through the month of August and, with luck from Sony, would be an indefinite injunction for them to control tainted inventory.  Sounds like a nightmare to me, but Sony has the wherewithal to do it. Source [inc Image]:

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