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Portable, Plugable USB Type C Dock Station

With the single USB-C port of the new MacBook laptop we knew a power station and/or dock station was right behind.  Here is a Kickstarter compaign to address the single port computer and connecting all your peripheral gadgets to your new computer.

The ultimate dock station will power and charge your system using USB’s new Power Delivery specification, while providing an additional alternate mode video output up to 4K resolution, gigabit Ethernet, audio input/output, and 4 USB ports.  The tall slender design of the dock station packs a number of sockets to support any type of peripheral you need to connect.

In addition, the USB 3.1 Type-C specification supports a feature called “VESA Alternate Mode” which works with the built-in graphics processor on supported systems to provide video output at resolutions up to 4K.  This is particularly important given the up-tick in TVs and monitors which are being released with a 4K specification.  The other two display outputs in the Ultimate Dock are enabled by the DisplayLink DL-3900 graphics processor, which can support two additional 1080P displays at 60Hz.  The DisplayLink driver is still in development, but the Kickstarter campaign claims the driver will have a final release by the time the dock station hits full production.

The Plugable Ultimate USB-C Universal Docking Station supports:

  • 3 – Up to three additional displays on supported systems
  • 1 – HDMI (Type-C Alternate Mode) 2K @ 60Hz / 4K @ 30Hz
  • 1 – DVI (DisplayLink Based) 2K @ 60Hz
  • 1 – HDMI (DisplayLink Based) 2K @ 60Hz
  • 1 – Front USB 3.1 USB Type-C (Gen 1) port
  • 1 – Front USB 3.0 Type-A port
  • 3 – Rear USB 3.0 Type-A ports
  • Gigabit Ethernet
  • Audio In/Out (3.5mm “headphone” jacks)
  • 60W Power Adapter

Here is the Kickstarter campaign if you wish to get more details.  $5 will get you a Tshirt and $99 will get you a dock station, in addition to a couple other tiers so well-known from Kickstarter.

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