Playboy Cataloged on USB Hard Drive

Playboy USB hard driveIn a day when typing “cougar” into Google yields more pornography then the animal you would expect, it’s almost a shock to hear about Playboy content being available on USB hard drive.  Wouldn’t you think it had already been done? It hasn’t, and that is why I’m here to tell you about the 250GB USB hard drive full of all Playboy magazine content.  All of it – back from 1953 when the first issue was published. The USB Hard drive from Playboy holds 650 magazines and over 100,000 pages of fascinating articles, photographs and interviews. The hard drive works on any computer, just like you’d expect a USB hard drive to work, but you do need to install the Cover to Cover digital reader to access the Playboy content.  The digital reader works in Mac or PC systems.  The drive sells for $300 which is a price worth paying, although a large percentage of you will be double-dipping as you’ve probably spent a couple years on magazine subscriptions throughout college. If this is too much, you can purchase specific decade’s worth of airbrushed porn, the publisher also sells a limited-edition collector’s box set for $19.95 per decade. Source: CNet.


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