Personal Pocket Safe Is Pin Pad USB Stick

Here is the Personal Pocket Safe UFD which is the first of it’s kind that is an “encrypted, epoxy coated, pin-protected smart drive.”  Not the first pin-pad USB stick we’ve seen.  But with military grade encryption and a mysterious “track-covering” feature to insure no one can trace it’s where-a-bouts after removing from the host.

pin pad usb drive

Lets say you did find the Personal Pocket Safe, well you still need the pin number.  This guy features a 10 digit touch-pad pin code using between 4 and 10 digits to lock down your passwords, documents etc.  Get the pin number wrong and the Personal Pocket Safe goes in complete lock-down.
“The Personal Pocket Safeâ„¢ is powered by proprietary software embedded within a pin protected pocket safe that features a host of security-rich options that lock in all of the confidential and critical information that powers the lives of today’s consumers.”
Here are some key bullet points from the press release:
  • A pin (4 to 10 digits) that prevents unauthorized users from accessing stored data.
  • Military grade USB encryption and storage of confidential documents, from insurance policies and contracts to heirloom photos and other irreplaceable items
  • Archiving of sensitive credentials such as social security numbers, financial account information and passwords
  • Digital compartmentalization of up to 70 years of bills and bank statements*, health records, and scanned copies of important documents such as licenses, permits, birth certificates, etc.
  • Customizable reminders for everything from warranty and policy renewals to scheduled maintenance back ups
  • Digital security features that make the device untraceable when removed from a host computer or laptop
  • Automatic “lock out” technology that shuts down the device to deter hackers “As we designed the Personal Pocket Safe, we began to discover that it’s not simply hardware or software.
Source:  Giz. With the following disclaimer:
Note: The CHDT website was easy to find, but the and Black Box Innovations were not yet visible on the net. We trust that this is a product that the company does intend to bring to market, though it is clearly in the early stages of marketing, at least in the US.

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