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USB Movie Sticks – Starts NOW

Actor Morgan Freeman and his production company Digiboo are trying to break ground with sales and distribution of movies via USB.  We love the idea! USB Movie sticks might become a thing of the future as Digiboo plans to launch over 100 kiosks in Hollywood Video stores next year; the first will roll out in […]

How To: Create USB Stick with nt60 Boot Sector

USB Tutorial:  How to create a bootable USB stick with the specific nt60 book sector required for Microsoft Vista. Before we begin the USB tutorial on nt60 boot sector you’ll need to review the check list of items needed before you start.  Chances are, if you find yourself searching for this tutorial, you already have […]

SanDisk Gives MacFanBoy Love With Secure Flash Drive

The Mac users usually get the short end of the stick when it comes to software and hardware support for the Mac OS.  Most products and applications are specifically design for the Windows user, knowing this is the largest install base of computer owners.  However, the tide is shifting.  I’m not sure if the popularity […]

SD Duplicator Copies 20 At a Time For The UberGeek

Update: Since the original post, Nexcopy has redisgned their SD duplicator box, the image from the original post has been updated to what is now published. Jan 2024 Nexcopy recently unveiled its industry leading edge in the market with the all new SD200PC Secure Digital card copier; a 20-target SD Duplicator designed for the tech-savvy […]

VConsole USB Flash Duplicator

VConsole, a notable player in the field of USB flash drive duplicators, has unveiled an advanced system featuring enhanced capacity and encryption technology. In a previous report, we highlighted the Nexcopy USB Flash Drive Duplicator, and now VConsole enters the scene with a compelling alternative. One notable feature of the VConsole is its remarkable speed, […]

DIY: Customized Neon Sign Kit

I believe we have all thought of…or wanted a…customized neon sign over the years.  Whether it be making your kegg’r party that much better, or let the world know you are open for business, a customized neon sign would have fit the bill.  Well, wait no longer. ThinkGeek is offering up a customized neon sign […]

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