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Speaker system with MP3 decoder built in

She looks a little like a Coke can, but unfolds to be a mini speaker system for a multifunctional music experience. Taking advantage of the latest digital driver technology the mini speaker system has built in MP3 decoder capability. It also incorporates a SD/MMC slot and USB port for quick connection of flash memory devices […]

The silent keystroke recorder

Attention control freaks and highly paranoid there is a product for you and your loved ones. The KeyGhost is a USB keylogger device to record every keystroke. Thus giving you complete access to what people are doing on their PC. OK so maybe it’s geared more towards security, government and agency protocols but none-the-less

Sony Micro Vault Tiny might be too tiny

Is tiny really that much better? Sony has their new Micro Vault Tiny USB flash storage line and it’s small, very small. But as with our Failing USB Drive article you’ve got to treat these guys with kid-gloves. Flash memory is not as durable just because there are no moving parts – so is smaller […]

Review: EZDigiMusic MP300 – PC-less MP3 ripper

One of the necessary evils of migrating from aCD player to a digital music player is the tedious process of extracting music from already owned CDs. Sure, anyone with a computer can use one of the available music extraction software programs, many of which are free. But for those that don’t have access to a […]

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