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Wet-n-Wild Wireless iPod Speakers

We’ve seen wireless iPod speakers before, but Hammacher made a slippery twist with their wireless iPod speaker system to include water proofing. Never before has it been this easy to become American Idol while in the shower. Or maybe just get the party started while pool-side. The water-resistant iPod speakers have a range of 150 […]

Contempo Reflect iPod Case from Griffin

Griffin, maker of all things iPod, introduces a very eye catching polycarbonate reflective case. Powered down, the only identifiable mark of an internal iPod is the nav wheel, power up and the screen comes to life through the luster Griffin finish. Griffin devised a polycarbonate shinny shell with a rubberized back-side for esthetic compliment and […]

iPod DJ Mixer and Video Mixer

The Ion Audio iPod DJ Mixer is a compact console which docks two iPods for mixing at your late night shingdigs. Using the iPod Mixer you can also connect two additional turntables or MP3/CD players. Reading through the specs I noticed you can take things a step further and connect via S-Video, so the Ion […]

Twisty Tangle Tronics iPod Speakers

These twistable iPod and MP3 player speakers add a level of clutter to any computer desk, unless you are a 13 year old looking for something goofy. The Tangle Toys Tronics DNA Speakers are available for around $60 USD the DNA is for Dynamic Neural Audio sound which give the speakers an omni-directional sound for […]

100GB iPod?

Toshiba [Tokyo] hit the news wire with a 100GB 1.8 inch hard drive capacity. These super slim hard drives from Toshiba are used in higher-end iPods, so a betting man would say bigger iPods are on the way. CNET notes Apple as snatching up the most recent model

iPod Speaker System

Now here’s a Bang & Olufsen looking iPod speaker system from the gadget superstore, Sharper Image. The iBeam was released in late November for the Holiday gift giving season. For $170USD the iBeam is a four speaker unit in horizontal layout which includes an in-house iPod dock station, 12 pre-set radio tuner and SRS WOW […]

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