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Review: Logitech MX3200 Wireless Keyboard

The Logitech USB MX3200 is a stylish wireless keyboard, loaded with hotkey options and built in LED display features. Our Across-the-Pond friends at Gadget Centre did a nice review and it’s worth a read if you’re shopping for a wireless keyboard. The Logitech MX3200 is a sleek black HID (human input device) that connects instantly […]

No More Key Logging with DeviceLock

We’ve seen many keylogger devices on the market and DeviceLock just updated their software to deflect keylogger devices and their unethical owners. Since off loading data via USB is a huge risk, DeviceLock has been providing enterprise software solutions for many years. Today SmartLine announced their hardware keylogger lock-out.

16 Port USB KVM Switch

The MasterView USB KVM switch is massive in connectivity at 16 ports but slim on size with rack-mount design. Now take control of 16 resources via one Keyboard/Video/Mouse console access point. Aten designed the switch for daisy-chain capability to include another 31 KVM MasterView switch boxes – that’s a total of 512 computers

FotoAlbum for U3 USB devices

Press Release: Summary: FotoTime now offers their powerful and award winning digital photo suite, FotoAlbum, to be used with U3 smart drives. The FotoAlbum Pro provides the power to manage a lifetime of pictures and videos by maintaining an easily searchable database that includes albums, keywords, captions, ratings and dates.

USB tokens from KoolSpan secure WAN links

Some don’t like to admit their WAN is hanging out there, not to worry as KoolSpan has a solution where you don’t even need to consult your computer doctor. The KoolSpan Key is a 2-factor user authentication token. It contains a cryptographic Smart Card and unlike most other “dongles”, the KoolSpan Key supports up to […]

Ford Making An App Store for Cars?

Wouldn’t that be nice – an app store for cars?  Ford isn’t there yet, but they could be.  I read earlier this week that Ford is pushing out a new SDK for software developers to create applications for For Motor cars. A simple example of an app would be syncing your smartphone with the car […]

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