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Stopping VoIP – Nokia Should Rethink Their Slogan

Nokia has set out to stop the VoIP net-neutrality trend by launching a platform allowing communication operators (phone companies) to block VoIP and other specific types of data services, i.e. peer-to-peer systems. The ability is enabled via a platform upgrade to Nokia’s Flexi Intelligent Service Node or (ISN). With the explosion of VoIP

Combo land-line and VoIP phone from Auvi

Voice over IP telephones are becoming popular news stories for the gadget lovers and electronic gear heads. Here is a combo telephone and VoIP phone from Auvi which auto detects which technology to use. Running from a standard land line connection of RJ-11 the PHIP65 works just like the phone your grandmother would use.

Just around the corner – cell phone VoIP

According to an analysys report from Monday, VoIP cell phone service will surpase land line VoIP service in the coming years…and we’re not talking chump change either. Forecasts (more like stab-in-the-dark predictions) say cellular VoIP services will breach the $18 billion mark by 2012.

First ever anti-bacterial USB mouse

We can understand some germ-a-phobes have a hard time working because a keyboard harbors about 400 times more bacteria then a toilet seat (toilet seat is cleaned more often) so this antibacterial mouse will ease the paranoid drama queens. It is the first mouse to be covered with an anti-bacterial medicine resin which prevents the […]

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