Old Twist on New Product – Dust Cover

Ion Audio released their iTTUSB USB Turntable several years ago and has since introduced the product with dust cover, the iTTUSB10. But isn’t the dust coming off those old records?
Once you get the convert vinyl to MP3 process down, grab the portable iPod PA system and head outdoors. The iPA03 is from Ion Audio and is built for outdoor abuse with the roadie looking case, wheels and handle. With microphone included this might be the easiest way to get a karaoke party going – if anyone throws those anymore.
ion audio ipa03
Here is a longer-then-need-be video of the USB Turntable. The unit is from Ion Audio, but the guy listed a different part number. From talking with Ion Audio all USB Turntable models have the same core technology but different case configurations.
Total above package should set you back about $400 via Amazon for the iTTUSB & iPA03 system.

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