Nice Arm Rest For the Work-a-Holic

Not every work station is ideal.  In fact, most people probably have a desk area overloaded with paper, USB gadgets and family photos, so this portable arm-rest comes in very handy. Although it’s not a USB gadget, the arm-rest could be an invaluable tool to help fight Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or fatigue from your arm, elbow and shoulders.

arm rest

Even as I type this article, my elbow is hanging off the side of the desk so a little more desk space would definitely help me. Ask yourself, do you need a little extra elbow support?
  • Simple & Compact
  • Comfortable
  • Release (minimize) strain to the wrist, arm and shoulder (prevent from CTS – Carpal Tunnel Syndrome)
  • 180 degree Flip from one side to another side
  • Special rubber pad ensures tight table grip
  • Easy assembly, no tools needed
  • Perfect for both home and office, especially if you need to work with computer for a very long time and continuously.

portable arm rest


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