New Lexar SAFE PSD-S1100 is enterprise security solution

Today Lexar announced their new USB flash drive the SAFE PSD S1100. This a compact, high capacity UFD (USB Flash Drive) which uses three layers of security to insure access and control remains with the owner of the device, it’s called PSD-Lock or Personal Storage Device Lock. The PSD-Lock is an embedded device-access control technology that enables USB device locking and unlocking, and seamlessly integrates into Microsoft Windows. PSD-Lock is enabled by a downloadable device driver from Microsoft Update for Windows XP Service Pack 2. The three layers work like this: Starting with Enterprise Management Features there are unique serial numbers associated with each device at the server level. The second layer of security is the PSD-Lock which triggers access at the point of entry with a PC or laptop. Last, there is off-line defense called SAFE PSD which is a 256-bit AES encryption algorithm. All of this is seamless integrated into the PSD S1100 from Lexar and might well become the standard for enterprise, government and institutional security when considering USB flash devices.

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