myUTN USB Server Secures Your Peripheral Over Fiber Optics

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SEH launched a mini USB server designed to secure USB peripherals over fiber optic and Ethernet networks.  What the myUTN USB Server does is allow connection of a USB device into your fiber optics network or Ethernet network without needing additional USB cables or drivers.  Imagine plugging in your printer or scanner into a fiber optic port on the wall rather than a traditional USB port of your computer.  In addition, the myUTN USB Server provides top-level security so data being transmitted over the network wont be compromised.  A good example is connecting a USB bar code scanner for products or medical devices to the network with ease and security.
Devices are transparently managed, appearing to users as if they were locally connected. SOHO, entertainment devices such as mp3 players and TV set-up-boxes can also be managed by myUTN through the software SEH UTN Manager which allows for a quick and simple installation and enables users to configure and manage myUTN devices through the myUTN Web Control Center. Password protection, access control, encryption, port access control, and the support of secure protocols like HTTPS and SNMPv3 for security all ensure data security.
This type of network USB access is hard to find.  We’ve seen it before with Icron technology and SEH is another example of USB becoming the de facto standard for peripheral connectivity. To learn more, visit SEH corporate.


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