Microsoft Finally Capitulated the USB Safe Removal

In a battle that is so ancient most no longer consider it an issue, Microsoft has gone away with the safe removal for USB flash drives. The original suggestion by Microsoft was to eliminate data lose if a user removed the drive before properly ejecting it.

Nine out of ten times you wouldn’t lose data, unless a large file was being transferred, but it’s nice to see Microsoft adjust to user habits.

The update which includes this change is Windows 10 v v1809. If you are not sure the Windows version you have, simply right click the Windows icon in the bottom left of your screen and select “System

From the resultant page, you can view the version of your OS.

If you do not have version 1809, and would like to force update your system, Search for “Windows Update” and from the pop-up window select the appropriate action.

The above update will also stop the annoying messages Windows will give you when the USB is re-connected to your computer indicating it was not ejected properly and there could be something wrong with your device, please scan it.

That, by the way, is an indexing feature Microsoft does to help you be more efficient, and we’ did a blog post about how to disable that feature as well.

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