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LogiTech Spin Wheel Navigator – The NuLOOQ

nulooq logitech

The New Look NuLOOQ from LogiTech is a beautifully designed spin wheel mouse. This type of design has been around for years, yet hasn’t taken off in popularity. Maybe it’s design – maybe it’s an odd device to use – either way LogiTech is making a crack at it.

  • Precise touch control: Glide your fingertip around the touch-sensitive tuner dial to adjust values dynamically. Fine-tune settings such as brush size, font size, timeline, and system volume on the fly—without sliders or keyboard controls.
  • Navigation ring: Scroll, pan, and zoom with a single control. Nudge and twist the ring to effortlessly navigate your active document (digital image, illustration, spreadsheet, Web page, and more).
  • Shortcut triggers: Click trigger points on the tuner dial to select tools or execute commands. Almost any action you can imagine is just a tap away.
  • Application-aware: NuLOOQ navigator™ automatically configures itself for use with the current application. Use the supplied default configurations or create your own for virtually any application.
  • High-resolution motion sensor: Enjoy smooth, crisp tracking with a sophisticated sensor capable of detecting the slightest motion—even if applied in multiple directions.

The price tag is $80 from LogiTech is on par compared to it’s counter part like a 3D Connexion USB jog wheel.
Source: LogiTech NuLOOQ webpage

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