Lexar JumpDrive Secure II is Loaded, or is it?

lexar jumpdrive secure iiWe’ve seen the capacity meter before from Lexar and they’ve now officially introduces the capacity meter technology to the Secure II USB flash drive line. The load meter doesn’t require connection to display the amount of storage left, it doesn’t require firmware and isn’t OS specific. It’s a standalone technology to communicate one simple thing and ultimately provides a little more flexibility and convenience for the user. The Lexar Secure II ships with 256-bit AES encryption technology which lets users protect data quickly and easily. Users can easily create multiple password-protected encrypted areas and simply drag files into the secure area for automatic encryption. Drag the files out again, and they are automatically decrypted. An excellent feature Lexar includes is their File Shredder utility that safely erases files and destroys the digital trail usually left behind with a simple file delete command. With the File Shredder whatever is deleted cannot be recovered or restored. The JumpDrive Secure II is available now in sizes between 512MB to 8GBs.

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