Kingston’s Version of a Hatch Back (9 in 1 Card Reader)

The MobileLite 9-in-1 card reader is Kingston Technology’s version of hatch back – reminds me more of a beetle. MobileLite takes the shape of a flash drive but where you would typically find the flash memory, Kingston has placed a host of card reader slots. The top pops open reveling the memory card slots.
mobilelite card reader
The PC connection is USB (of course) and the nine flash memory formats are; microSD, miniSD, Secure Digital, SDHC, MMCmicro, MMCmobile, RS-MMC, MMCplus and full size MMC (MultiMediaCard). Kingston is marketing the MobileLite towards managing digital content from smaller, more mobile, devices like cell phones, PDAs and cameras.
Wendy Lecot of Kingston says, “With nine different card reading options, MobileLite makes moving and accessing music, video, image and data files between cards and devices quick and easy – via one convenient reader,”
The card reader itself sells for under $10, and Kingston is cross pollinating their other flash memory products with bundle packages. For example, you can obtain the card reader with a 1GB or 2GB SD card for $23 and 34 respectively. The only possible draw back I see is the card reader looking to much like a flash drive.  You’re in a hurry – open the desk drawer – grab the wrong flash drive (the card reader) and you’re off.  Next thing you know – all you have is your card reader, not your sales presentation.  Then again, if you had this problem, you probably shouldn’t be in sales. Source: Business Wire

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