Kingston Charging Ahead Despite their Break Up with U3

Kingston DataTraveler Mini Migo Software
As I reported back in March about Kingston giving U3 the axe, they continue to charge forward with UFD platform software. Migo Software now comes bundled with Kingston flash drives and most recent entry is the Kingston Data Traveler Mini. The following summary of Migo software will sound very familiar:
The DataTraveler Mini with Migo automatically synchronizes data, keeps versions current and leaves no trace of personal data on other systems, giving consumers the freedom to work safely on multiple PCs. Once re-connected with any previously synchronized computer, it automatically synchronizes and updates where necessary.
The primary reason Kingston dropped the U3 platform where the royalty fees but I do see a drawback. U3 has more momentum then any other UFD platform. With numerous supporters, developers and plugins it’s that kind of backing could ultimately impact Kingston’s decision.  However, I just read their sales for 2006 was 3.4 Billion so they’ve got the muscle to pull just about anything off.
Migo Software

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