Kensington Keyboard with Vertical USB Mounted Port

It’s not often you hear “vertical” and “keyboard” in the same sentence so I jumped on this article when I heard Kensington re-styled their C170 keyboard to include a vertical mounted USB port. So now that I’ve settled the vertical+keyboard question, the next is why?  Look at the picture, then make the jump.

kensington ci70 vertical usb

Isn’t the vertical mount USB port located in the exact WRONG place?  Seems to me the port should be located at the top of the keyboard, maybe next to the ESC button.  Rarely would I connect a drive, transfer files, then disconnect.  I always seem to get side-tracked with work or blog or whatever and need the keyboard.  Now with the Kensington Ci70 that damn UFD would be blocking my blogging. I do; however, like the Kensington hidden USB cable port which sliding door for quick connect to cameras or PDAs.  Guess I could use that for the UFD too (USB Flash Drive if you aren’t UFD familiar).
Since the re-styled Ci70 with vertical USB port isn’t available, I thought to offer up the next best thing…the slim Ci70 wireless mouse.  You can price it out here.
Source:  Electronista, Kensington Ci70 product page.

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