Jungo Releases USBTester Version 1.01

Jungo’s Software Connectivity Business Unit, a market leading provider of USB software protocol stacks, driver development tools and testing tools, today announced the release of version 1.01 of its USBTester product line: a software USB testing tool that enables USB developers to quickly validate their USB devices for USB compatibility, Chapter 9 conformance and mass storage functionality and performance.
USB Tester
A thoughtful feature Jungo included with this release version is the ability to configure read and write tests to any block size. I’m especially pleased with this configuration option as I spoke with Matan Naor of Jungo to implement this ability. Thanks! It allows developers to test their code when optimizing for different packet sizes in their embedded firmware. Jungo is also proud to announce that ( – a news and information website for USB powered gadgets chose Jungo’s USBTester as its USB software testing tool for USB compliance as well as USB benchmark testing.
“As a website that specializes in the reporting of USB products, gadgets and software, we provide reviews on new USB products about their functionality,” Said Greg Morris, editor in chief of “We found that Jungo’s USBTester enables us to provide our readers with performance benchmark of USB mass storage devices we review along with validating USB device compliance to the USB specification.”
USBTester includes the following:
  • USB testing application with predefined tests and an intuitive GUI for tests selection and execution
  • USB Chapter 9: basic USB tests suites
  • USB Mass Storage basic tests suite
  • USB Mass Storage Performance tests suites
  • Ability to select and perform specific tests in a certain order and using selected parameters
  • Easy to view test results (pass/fail) with accompanying explanations
  • Integration with Ellisys’ USB Explorer 200 bus analyzer
  • Generates a detailed report and log file upon conclusion of execution
  • Host Platform: Windows XP running Jungo’s proprietary USBware USB protocol stack
  • USB 1.1 and 2.0 supported (for all USB tests)
  • Internal and external USB host controllers supported
  • Documentation to describe the various USB test suites
  • Free technical support to help you jump start your USB testing
Jungo offers a free 30 day trial for the USBTester application.

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