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Japanese Company Makes Dock Station An iDream

Yet another “i” product for all those Apple gadgets, but this time we feel it’s a product worth mentioning.  The iPADock is a dock station to power or sync all your Apple gear in one handy location.  The iDevices has designated USB power ports, designated USB-to-PC sync ports and additional flash memory ports for SD cards, SDHC and Compact Flash downloading.

So if you haven’t asked yourself how to clean up your sync area at work or home for the Apple gear…don’t worry, that day will come.  For example, at our house we have 4 iPhones, two iPods, a FlipVideo and several cameras.  All of them will receive power via USB.

iPad dock station

First off, we have 4 iPhones because we’ve migrated from 3G or 3GS to the 4.  The iPods are legacy products we had before the phones, yet we still use them for workouts…and the cameras, well those are good anytime.

What I like about the iPADock station are all the power and sync options.

There are 3 USB ports used to connect a device to your PC.  The other 4 USB ports only supply power through the internal, designated DC power supply.  The flash memory ports will replace our card reader and it all connects to the PC through one USB cable.

The cost is $70, but I think it’s very well worth it.  Just with the level of frustration I get trying to sort through the cables in our birds nest of iPod stuff will save years off my life.  You laugh now, but one day you’ll understand [unless, of course you love Droids].


Source:  iPADock.

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