IOCELL Teams With Young Kim For Stunningly Slick UFD

The new IOCELL UFD, the mDrive, is a slick design from the leading Korean design firm, InnoDesign. Young Kim is creating a Korean focus for this drive based off the national flag or Taeguk-ki, which emphasizes beauty and balance.
iocell mdrive
Wearing the mDrive means one has come into the deep philosophy of Taeguk and breaths the cosmos it creates. korean flagHmm…I know the American culture isn’t much into karma (isn’t that obvious!) but philosophy aside, this is still one slick looking flash drive. InnoDesign put specific detail into the color and lines of the drive to reflect the balance of the Korean flag. I especially like the small metal lanyard clip as it appears as durable as one would need not to lose those valuable personal files. The gold plated USB connector style also makes the drive very resilient against water damage.
mdrive ufd
IOCELL mDrive product page.

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