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HD Sound from New Polycom VoIP Phones

So you’ve jumped into the world of VoIP but frustrated with those hollow, echo sounding calls? Polycom is now introducing High Definition sound into their consumer based VoIP products. Take the most recent entries of SoundPoint IP550, IP330 and IP320. So this is what the Polycom marketing guy came up with to explain HD Voice: […]

Combo land-line and VoIP phone from Auvi

Voice over IP telephones are becoming popular news stories for the gadget lovers and electronic gear heads. Here is a combo telephone and VoIP phone from Auvi which auto detects which technology to use. Running from a standard land line connection of RJ-11 the PHIP65 works just like the phone your grandmother would use.

Samsung EW-700 WiFiFone VoIP Mobile Phone

Samsung, in conjunction with eidicom, have presented the new EW-700 WiFiFone Smart phone that uses their new co-developed Post-PC multimedia processor. It has a fairly impressive list of features with everything from a web browser, MP3 player, IM client, movie player, 2MP camera and integrated Outlook Data Sync. That’s all very well, but it’s the […]

3Com introduces VoIP cell phone

3Com is leading the charge for SIP VoIP cell phones. SIP stands for Session Initiation Protocol and SIP enables call-management functions to be embedded in the phone itself, rather than in the network infrastructure. Although this looks almost exactly like the D-Link DPH-541, the new 3Com wireless 3108 VoIP phone is geared towards government facilities, […]

Just around the corner – cell phone VoIP

According to an analysys report from Monday, VoIP cell phone service will surpase land line VoIP service in the coming years…and we’re not talking chump change either. Forecasts (more like stab-in-the-dark predictions) say cellular VoIP services will breach the $18 billion mark by 2012.

Serious business with VoIP corporate style phone

Zultys Technologies is truly raising the bar on VoIP business phones. Their latest corporate style VoIP phone, the ZIP 4x4L is the first in the family of an all new design. The family offers exceptional acoustic quality with full-duplex speaker phone, large LCD screens, and all the features you expect from modern VoIP business phones. […]

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