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Santa Cruz is Making USB SkateDrive

Cross marketing is pushing the limit each day and to prove my point, Santa Cruz has just released the SkateDrive.  It’s a USB flash drive shaped like one of their popular board designs.  We saw the USB surfdrive a while back, so I guess it’s not that big of a stretch. According to Zedomax, my […]

USB Ghost Radar

If you believe in ghosts you believe in Santa. That’s my one line take on the USB ghost radar. However, I can understand my opinion would differ from another’s. For that reason the details of the USB ghost radar is as follows: …with an array of sensors, alert lights and complex algorithm the USB radar […]

USB Photo Christmas Bulbs Make Your Tree Hang Low

Capture Santa’s attention with these USB photo bulb Christmas ornaments. The bulb uses an LCD display and can store, on average, about 50 photos. Stop Santa in his tracks with either still pictures or tell him a story with the slide show feature. One could argue a good Christmas gift, but don’t put your recipient […]

Santa’s Flash Drive

Vafor is into the spirit with their Santa flash drive. As with the PQI flash drive the USB connector is retractable for cap-less protection against damage. Size ranges from 128MB to 2GBs but the manufacturer only has them available in the UK or China so it looks like US folks better order today to get […]

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