i-Knock A Self Inflicting IM Notifier

The i-Knock is another knock-off Instant Message notifier.  With any of the popular instant message services like Yahoo, MSN, AOL or Skype this i-Knock is there for support and alerts.  This time, however, the notification is in the form of a knock to the head.  The i-Knock doesn’t stop there, you can also load specific MP3 files to play for certain instant messaging parties.  I’d sync up “Ding-Dong-The-Witch-Is-Dead” from Wizard of Oz for the mother-in-law.

i-knock instant messanger

The i-Knock connects to your computer via a USB cable and is also powered through the USB cable.  There are over 20 emoticons, email client if you choose and log-on notification function for those within your network. Source:  Gizmodo.


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