How To: Permanently Turn Off Windows 10 Updates (Pro & Home Versions)

Turning off Windows Updates permanently isn’t difficult. All you do is this:

In the search box of Windows type: services.msc

From the list shown, select: Windows Update

After you double click to open the Windows Update settings, use the drop down menu and select: Disable

Click Apply and then OK and you are done!

If you like pictures more… here they are:

turn off windows update home / professional

turn off windows update home / professional

turn off windows update home / professional

However; it’s important to understand turning off Windows Updates means you won’t get security patches or operating system fixes if there are bugs. I think it’s safe to say someone looking to turn off Windows updates probably has a specific reason why, so they know the risk of making such a change.

As of late, Microsoft has pushed out many updates and it seems these updates fix some things, and break other things. So it’s easy to guess someone looking to turn off Windows updates permanently means they are looking for a stable operating system for some other program or function they are doing.

From our observations, the Microsoft Version 2004 with Microsoft Build 1904.572 has been particularly hard on USB flash drives. With this Windows 2004 version we have seen USB flash drive disk signature issues and we have seen USB partition issues. We don’t have the bandwidth to do deep investigative work, but some utilities we use on flash drives work much better under version 1903 and lower. Something major happened with Version 2004.

In any event, we hope this article on how to permanently turn off Windows Updates for Home or Professional version helped.

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