Give Your Secretary Something Else To Do; iPod Dictation with MemoMic

I would much rather have a 28 year old secretary take dictation then use the iPod MemoMic but using this we can put her to use on other tasks. The high fidelity digital audio mic recorder turns your iPod Nano into a flexible, detachable microphone suited for any situation.
ipod mic
As you can see in the picture, the recording time is prominently displayed on your iPod Nano screen in real-time, with built-in speaker you can instantly listen to your own monologue. Rather than pay double time for your trophy-looking secretary to first dictate then type, the MemoMic records your message as separate files on your iPod to later be important into iTunes. Getting creative, you can use Garage Band or similar audio editing software to play with soundtracks, movies or slideshows. The iPod MemoMic has a list of $60 but we found it for under $45.

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