FusionSoft with 7inch Personal Media Player

Well, apparently the Koreans are hungry for some hot 7-inch action as of late, judging from the latest developments over at FusionSoft – creator of the recently-mentioned odd-i P10 (recently upgraded to the GPS-equipped P11N). Enter, N700(D). Oh, that’s a very original name indeed. First, the Archos AV700, then the Viliv N70, now the odd-i N700D. But whatever, let’s see if the specs are any good. First of all, like the Viliv apparatus, the odd-i N700D comes with an SD card slot . If I’m interpreting the Korean text correctly, though, it’s also possible to hook it up to a 2.5-inch hdd and use that as a storage device for your movies, pictures and what-have-you. USB-Host is included in the package deal, so that probably explains the whole situation. To ensure optimal crashing pleasure, FusionSoft has implemented “Picture-in-Navigation” so that you can watch playing card-sized movies while finding your way in busy Seoul. DMB is a must these days, so that’s in there as well, as is an FM tuner and a 2mW speaker. A “rear security camera” add-on is optional, should you be needing one. Now for the part where, DAP-freaks and PMP loonies, come in. The N700D will support MPEG1, MPEG4 SP, XVID and Divx 3.x/4.x/5.x at a maximum resolution of 720×480 pixels (max. 30 fps) and WMV7 (max resolution 320×240, 30fps) as well as WMV8/9 (320×240, 20fps) and SMI captioning. Supposedly so, one can record video images to the formerly-mentioned hard drive and display stuff through tv-out (it’s a 7-inch screen, but hey – those kids at the back just won’t take “no” for an answer these days). The source article doesn’t tell us anything about supported audio codecs, but I guess it’ll play MP3s in the end regardless. Should come available in Korea as of June 21, and it’s probably going to roar it’s pretty little head at the upcoming SEK exhibition (held in, guess what, Korea). Price? Good question. Source: DapReview

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