Free USB Flash Drives For Students

USB Flash Drives are indispensable for the students.

They are a fantastic tool to store and use documents and other important data. Moreover, talk to any student and they will let you know how they carry a USB flash drive—attached to key rings, customized with colors, shapes, objects, and much more!

With a USB flash drive, you can use your computers or laptops efficiently whether you’re at home or university, or school. There may be times when you want to continue work even after school hours; therefore, carrying a USB flash drive is very handy.

With all that being said, USB flash drives can cost students a lot; especially if you’ve lost one and have to buy another. Therefore, here are a few ways you can get USB flash drives for free.

Free USBs With A Purchase

There are many computer stores, and stores for cameras, cell phones, and other tech-related things that give flash drives for free with purchases.


Itpstyli is a company that makes over 1000 styli for CMM, gear measurement equipment, and machine centers. To get a flash drive for free, you have to add it to the cart and save the cart as a shopping list.

If you require help with homework or need assistance in technical disciplines, feel free to get in touch with to get assignment help online from experts.

The company sells biological reagents. If you’re in the field of biology, and need products in bulk, you can get a free USB flash drive, or even more, based on the items of your purchase. Your free flash drive will get you 8GB of storage.

You must also keep an eye on Best Buy, Tiger Direct, and NewEgg, as these tech retailers often give away tech items, including USB flash drives. They may also give away products when you refer people, share their promotional posts, subscribe to their newsletters, be a loyal online presence, or buy products from them.

Flash Drive Retailers

As you must have realized by now, there are very few stores that sell just USB flash drives. However, they do exist; and the chances of you getting a free USB flash drive from them becomes quite high. You can accomplish this through online contests, giveaways, store promos, affiliate programs, and more.


USBholic is a Texas-based retailer that sells flash drives. You can pick a cute design from their store and choose the 4GB one. When you do so, you’ll see the price to be $0.01 per flash drive. Even though it’s not completely free, it’s close. USBholic ships flash drives to Europe, the US, Asia, and Oceania. However, please check the shipping costs to your place to see if it’s worth getting it shipped.

Everything but Stromboli

If you get US flash drives from Everything but Stromboli in bulk, you can get them a little cheaper than from other places.

Companies Giving Away Free USB Flash Drives As A Promotion

Many companies choose USB flash drives to give away as one of their freebies. It is a form of simple marketing that is effective even to this day.

Moreover, the companies that giveaway flash drives may not even be related to technology. These companies can save their product launch brochures and other information in the flash drive.

Pratt and Whitney

Pratt and Whitney is a company that provides an excellent flash drive that has 1GB storage and technical resources. This is for the celebration of Pratt and Whitney’s 150 years of innovation.

With this flash drive, you need to fill out the form if you live in Canada or the US, and are working at a metrology company. They will give the drive to one person in each company until the stock lasts.

Micro Center

If you have a Micro Center near you, you can enter your email address on the link and look for the coupon the company sends you. With the coupon, you become entitled to redeem a Micro Center 32GB MicroSD & Flash Drive for free. There is no purchase necessary in this, and it is restricted to one person per household.

Promotional Companies Giving Away Free USB Flash Drives

The thing about marketing firms and printing companies is that they are open to giving free samples or giveaways. This is particularly true if you’re an influencer in your industry, you run a blog, or if you’re going to buy in bulk. If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, then the chances of you getting free samples are high. However, if this isn’t the case, it wouldn’t hurt to ask for a sample.

Other Areas To Find USB Drives

Previously, Home Tester Club, a product review community, has given away flash drives of 128GB. As an exchange, the company asked for the winners to give an honest review of the product. The review site went on a first-come, first-serve basis, as well as by location, gender, and age.

The point to be noted here is that you need to keep your eyes open to opportunities like these when it comes to winning a free USB flash drive. Get in touch with people and get in the know-how of what events are taking place around you.

A Final Word

In this article, we gave you a few ways to get a free USB flash drive as a student. As students, it gets very hard to gather capital for tech tools. Therefore, getting freebies in tech is always something to look forward to.

Here are a few resources where you can find free USB drives, or enter competitions or giveaways for winning one. This article also gave tips on how to win free USB flash drives.

We hope that this article helps you in getting a free USB drive so that you can spend your studies and classes efficiently.

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