Four New Must Have Geek Items from IOGear

IOGear is like a rising tide when it comes to cranking out USB products for Geek consumption. It just never stops coming. From the long list of new IOGear products, here are the four most needed geek items you must have. 1) The IOGear wireless laser mouse with germaphobe coating. I mention this because not only having a wireless mouse is a must-have, but raising the geekness level to the antibacterial state is definitely cool.
IOGear wireless antibacterial mouse
2) Show me one Geek who wouldn’t like to have another monitor. And since a primary intrinsic value of geekness is saving space, working from a laptop is very standard, thus limiting the options for endless monitor configurations. The IOGear USB VGA video card adaptor is definitely a must-have for the monitor lacking.
IOGear USB to VGA adaptor
3) Another aspiring attribute for Geeks is creating and keeping a paperless work environment. Although typing accounts for about 90% of peoples writing habits, the other 10% can be digital captured with the IOGear USB Digital pen. Although you don’t see many with this type of USB gadget, it’s worthy of your geek arsenal.
IOGear USB digital pen
4) The fourth and final item is the IOGear Ethernet or Cat5 USB Extender. True, wireless USB is a strong contender, but with the lack of wireless USB products and high prices, a USB to Ethernet extender would definitely do the trick to get your peripherals in the exact location you need them.
IOGear ethernet to usb adaptor

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