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Mini-Box is pushing a sweet little and compact external USB LCD display with a 4 line by 20 character display called the PicoLCD.  At just $49 in single purchase use, the PicoLCD is an ideal solution for those needed an external navigation system for an embedded product or a product with limited space for navigation control.

usb lcd display

The PicoLCD connects via USB and is a full speed device.  With the 4×20 character display you can program to show just about any amount of information you need.  There is a 7 button menu system which includes a scroll up and down and Enter/OK button.  In addition you have the ESC, F1, F2, F3 and Home button. The PicoLCD has a light blue background with white characters making it easy to read in just about any light source and situation. The PicoLCD also supports the Vista Slideshow technology.  The Vista Slideshow technology allows a user to configure their PC so that simple messages can be displayed without booting up the computer.  A good example of slideshow is the PicoLCD showing a new email has arrived to a user without the computer being on.  The Vista Slideshow works through widgets and works perfectly with the PicoLCD. As a closing note, the PicoLCD also has the simple sex appeal to be a great looking external USB navigation solution to those who need a bit more GUI for a simple embedded product. Source:

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