Exclusive: USB Fine Art On-Line Exhibition

Dialog05 created a USB fine art exhibition for “Objects between analogue and digital. What is the difference between analogue and digital, physical and virtual? What connects and bridges these apparently different worlds?”Data Injection Not only for data junkies, also in the event of a virus or simply for your daily data rations.
data injection
My Take: Whatever is inside that syringe is more addictive then any drug. I couldn’t function without my daily log-ins for email and RSS reads. The only side effect; horrible vision.
Peer-to-peer Communication is spontaneous direct and works best between two individuals. Is digital a serious alternative?
My Take: 1-on-1 communication is a thing of the past; social web, Digg, StumbleUpon seems like no matter how little “the little guy” is – he’s talking to the entire world.
Data Lock No access for unauthorized persons.
data lock
My Take: “No access” – HA, come on! I’ve got two friends currently tangled up in identity theft problems because someone grab their info. Security; definitely a problem.
Status Forty seconds last three minutes. A watch and a time bar…a paradox or is time only relative?
My Take: Time IS relative. I’ve blogged for two hours – my boss thinks I’ve been working all day.
Check Up The direct individual-data-connection for hearing, scanning and checking…any more secrets?
check up
My Take: Secrets, oh yes. Secrets are what make the world go round. Very good thing this isn’t for sale at Amazon, we might all be in trouble.
Eternal Love Are we suited to one another? Are we really compatible? How long will it last? It’s all about give and take – synchronize!
eternal love
My Take: Maybe we should switch over to a computer algorithm for marriage, probably a better success rate than how we determine “love.”
These are just a collection of samples from the Dialog05 Exhibition, you can view the entire collection on their webpage. Oh and for the brain-dead, no these USB art pieces do not store data, communicate, sync or basically work. Source: Dialog05

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